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High Dream Machine Manufacture
Since established in 2004 High Dream has grown up into a leading Chinese multihead weigher manufacturer and has enjoyed sound reputation globally. In the past 10 years we were supported and brought up by ours customers all over the world, in return we supply our customers with high quality weighing machineries plus with service.

With a wide range of various models from the smallest mini weigher to the biggest salad weigher, High Dream weighers can not only handle most of food stuffs but also materials related to medicine, small hard ware and plastic components. To catch up with different demands from market High Dream keeps developing multi head weighers with higher efficiency. Just in 4th quarter of 2012 we upgraded control software for most of our models to endorse them more powerful functions and more convenience in utility. In 1st quarter of 2013 we promoted to the market IP66 models, which have been proven effective by both domestic and oversea users. Except multi head weighers we also produce metal detectors and check weighers for packaging lines. Loss-in-weight feeder is one of our projects majorly against chemical and plastic forming industry.

We are grateful for all value customers who have been cooperating with High Dream all along the years, we are also happy to work with those who will join us in the future. We will profit our partners with better machineries and services.
Globe Machine Manufacturing Company
Starting in 1917, Globe developed as an engineering and manufacturing company supplying machinery for the Door and Plywood Industry. As the Composite Wood Panel industry developed in the 1960's and 1970's, Globe was involved in producing lines for some of the early particleboard, MDF and wafer board plants. As these industries matured, Globe’s involvement in the development of the North American OSB and Engineered Wood Industry stimulated growth in the company in terms of size and technical capabilities. Globe’s history includes leading the development of process technology areas such as Plywood Manufacturing, Wood I-Joists and other Engineered Wood Products, Panel Finishing and Coating, and integrated Automated Storage & Retrieval. These activities are significant worldwide, with major installations in North America, Europe, South America and Asia.

Today, Globe is a premier supplier of custom designed, built, and fully integrated equipment and systems for industries that include plastic composites, automotive, aerospace, pulp and paper, and building products. Recent developments in high capacity, automated manufacturing systems include Wind Turbine Blade Automation, Out-of-Autoclave Composite Press Systems, and Ultra-high Pressure Press lines for Plastic Armor.

Much of the company’s supply is built to suit our customer’s particular preferences, and Globe specializes in developing new solutions to meet each new challenge. This is reflected in our design capabilities. More than 20 percent of Globe’s staff is directly involved, on a full-time basis, in machine design and development. Our company’s capabilities are not limited to those industries that may be featured on this website.
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