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With our branch offices, sister companies and manufacturing facilities located throughout China and Taiwan, PQD International, a complete global manufacturing company, is able to supply manufacturing solutions for the most stringent requirements, perform in-process and final inspections, and handle all import/export logistics. English-speaking, bilingual employees in the Dallas, Texas headquarters and sales representatives stationed across North America eliminate all communication barriers and ensure smooth transactions.
“Shaanxi Yunsam Clothing co., LTD
"Shaanxi Yunsam Clothing co., LTD., founded in 1994, is a brand operator which focuses on the high-end and
semi-high-end fashion women's clothing and accessories products.
Yunsam Clothing’s marketing channel whose main center is Xi’an focuses on the nortehwest of China,
steadily radiating throughout the country. Company has more than 50 independent stores, covering the large
and medium-sized cities in Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Shanxi, Henan, Hunan, etc. In the meanwhile, we have
established a good win-win cooperation relationship with the local market and the shopping malls.
Yunsam is the perfect synonym of the fashion trends, with Boutique including the clothing, jewelry, shoes,
bags, glasses, and more representative classic life style categories. Its operating international and domestic
well-known brands consist of MAXRIENY, VIOLONWEAR, NOFEER, SIERLI, SEVABLM, SBO, Stylebutler, Who 's
Who, ATOS, ANNA RACHELE, ANNA RITA N, ILOVE Mi, WEIRAN, TENFUN, etc. Different product combinations
of various brands can meet the personal requirements of characters with high taste of fashions from different
Yunsam upholds the business philosophy of "people-oriented, business-publicized" and has cultivated a
passionate and creative professional marketing team which is made up of about 300 nuclear employees over
the past twenty years. Our main business departments include Joint Brand Marketing Division, Buying Brand
Marketing Division, Buyer Brand Marketing Division, Outlets Marketing Division, Network Marketing Division,
etc. We aims to forge the leading position of the clothing fashion in the northwest with the combination of the
outstanding teams.
Yunsam lays more emphasis on shouldering the corporation’s social responsibilities and constantly engages
in a variety of charities. Yunsam, with the leading products, convenient channel and grateful attitude,
constantly strives for the one after another brilliant in the fashion industry . "