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Airline Services Handling headed by Managing Director Nigel Daniel, is also split into three product streams designed to offer a fully integrated one stop shop De-icing; Ground Handling and Aircraft Presentation. At the end of last year, Airline Services moved into passenger and baggage handling for the first time when it took over the ground handling for Monarch Airlines at Gatwick Airport, UK. Handling embraces airport ramp services including de-icing, where ASL is the market leader being present at 11 airports in the UK; external washing and cabin cleaning, plus a raft of other ramp services including laundry and dry cleaning and carpet fitting.
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Direct Airline Services, Inc.
Direct Airline Services, Inc. is an industry leader airline passenger service provider. Since the beginning we have followed a simple philosophy, to provide all our airline and ground handling customers with a quality product in the most safe and secure manner possible at a reasonable cost. This has become our fundamental company culture which has returned continued growth throughout the years and has increased our customer base.

Our employees are trained dedicated customer service ambassadors and our management team is focused in ensuring that we deliver a quality service, secure customer satisfaction and are always visible throughout the operation and available to our customers.
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