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Oil prices surge as attack on Saudi facility disrupts output

An attack on Saudi Arabia’s largest oil processing plant pushed crude prices sharply higher Monday, though its longer-term impact depends on how long production is

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Surveillance video allegedly shows 2 people moving carpet with body in Harlem; victim identified

Surveillance video shows two men in baseball caps casually pushing a shopping cart that apparently contained a body wrapped in a rolled-up carpet in Harlem

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Trump keeps threatening US enemies with destructive power greater than nuclear weapons — experts say that's 'crazy talk'

Nothing comes close to a thermonuclear weapon. Insider spoke to the US’s leading arms control experts, who struggled to make sense of what Trump said.

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Might a tropical depression form in the Gulf of Mexico?

A non-tropical storm over the Gulf of Mexico, which is helping to steer Humberto east of the United States may evolve into a tropical system